12 Best Bakeries in Istanbul For Cakes, Pastries, and Bread

Pastries have their special place not only in Turkish cuisine but around the world. Who can explain why a cake, pudding, or even a bagel is as comforting as a hug? Inspired by the blending of a variety of ethnicity and cultures, bakeries in Istanbul are hard to define, and there are countless of them serving up fresh bread and pastries. One thing they all have in common, however, is their treats are a daydream, and their sweet cakes, savory pastries, and tasty baked goods will not only fill your stomach but your soul.

Before you start reading, these are the two words in Turkish that you’ll want to understand:

Pastane: Turkish pastry shop (or patisserie) where the baked goods are primarily sweet (cakes, puddings, cookies)

Fırın: Turkish bakery where the baked goods are primarily savory (bread, simit, pide)

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Here is a list of the 12 best pastry shops and bakeries in Istanbul that’ll create memories for life:

1. Savoy Pastanesi

Photo credit: Savoy Pastanesi

Anything with the name ‘Savoy’ seems to hint at a level of culture. Established in the 1950s, and with over 70 years of experience, this spot was started by Monsenior Koço. After a while, Erol Beri took over and brought the secrets of the Jewish bakery to this spot. Eventually, a Turkish apprentice, Mahmut Taşçıoğlu, inherited this spot. With its rich history and multicultural vibes, this bakery keeps up with the times without sacrificing tradition. 

The displays are a racetrack of a never-ending collection of tempting treats. They have a wonderous chocolate collection, and this spot brings forth quality at affordable prices.

Address: Cihangir, Sıraselviler Cd. 91/A, 34433 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

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2. Beyaz Fırın

Photo credit: Beyaz Fırın

If you want a detailed history of Turkey, the ‘White Bakery’ (as translated) is the place to be. From the modern yet slightly quaint vibe, you’d never guess that this bakery was founded in 1836 as a simit bakery (Turkish bagel shop).

Overcoming every limitation with shrewd strategy, the story behind this place is a historical epic that can span many novels. In other words, this historical heritage keeps traditional alive whilst innovating and adapting to the times. The children that once used to visit are now visiting with their grandchildren.

Address: Caferağa, Yasa Cd. No:23, 34710 Kadıköy/İstanbul

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3. Brekkie Croissant & Cookie

Photo credit: Brekkie Croissant & Cookie

This bohemian chic shop will unleash your inner child. If the cute raccoon logo at the entrance isn’t enough to make you squeal with delight, the menu certainly will. This croissant shop is the home of the ‘Crowich,’ i.e., the ‘croissant sandwich’ and boy, do they have their choices. You can have savory options, which include “cro brekkie,” “ham & cheese,” and “mom sausage.” Don’t be fooled: this isn’t a tiny croissant with a hint of cheese.

Each croissant arrives with its unique sauces and salad. Well, not the sweet ones that look more like a cake than the French pastry. Those that want healthier options may choose the millions of ways the place makes eggs or even the breakfast bowls that look much better than they sound. 

Add in the kind of coffee you could only find in cafes in Italy; this is a genius idea that easily can become your new favorite café. Loved by all, there is a huge queue. If you have children, this place will capture their imagination, and it’ll steal your heart. If you’re solo, you may wish to grab and go to the park so close it may as well be next door. Watch out so that the stray cats don’t steal your meal. 

Address: Osmanağa, Yoğurtçu Parkı Cd No:24/1, 34714 Kadıköy/İstanbul

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4. Divan Patisserie

Photo credit: Divan Patisserie

Their first branch opened its doors in 1956. Since then, this spot has become the name of blending handcrafted attention with state-of-the-art machinery. With over 170 products, you’ll definitely find something to satisfy your craving, including cookies, grissini, macaroons, bread, and cakes to go along with a perfect cup of Turkish coffee.

They also make about 10 tons of chocolates and 5 tons of Turkish delights, some of which are exported worldwide. This is a luxury brand that feels like a Hallmark Christmas movie. Consequently, you may need to pay a little more than in other places, but higher quality products with fabulous services are reflected in the price.  

Address: Bebek, Cevdet Paşa Cd. No:28/A, 34342 Beşiktaş/İstanbul

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5. Tarihi Oktay Kurabiye Fırını

Photo credit: Tarihi Oktay Kurabiye Fırını

On a narrow street, this place has that Peter Pan atmosphere that you may never forget. Those that are unfamiliar with Turkish cookies (kurabiye) will find that they are little floury, dry touches of delight that are best enjoyed with a hot, cherry-colored cup of Turkish tea. If you’re curious about the taste, this bakery has been standing since 1934. With a wide range of selections, it is recommended that you bring a friend to soak in that authentic vibe. Be warned: there aren’t a lot of seats available, but it’s worth it. 

Focusing primarily on cookies, if you don’t like the selection here, you won’t like them anywhere else. Those that are really not fond of biscuits may enjoy the sponge cake, the simit (Turkish bagel), almond cookies (they are different than your average cookies), or even a mini-pizza here. These make perfect gifts. 

Address: Türkali, Yaverağa Sk. 1/A, 34357 Beşiktaş/İstanbul

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6. B.BLOK Bakery

Photo credit: B.BLOK Bakery

Their motto is “forget all the cheesecakes you’ve already met.” Serving seductive cheesecake from Spain, this popular cafe and bakery isn’t called the best “San Sebastian” for nothing. For the uninitiated, that’s a crustless, creamy cheesecake with a caramelized top. The brownies will overwhelm you, and the femme fatale coffee all come together to seduce you away from your usual favorite spot. 

Get there early. You’ll be waiting in line just to try their huge chocolate chip cookies that are so incredibly moist and succulent. The elegant contemporary vibes, without pretension, will have you thinking this place isn’t just good; it’s WOAH!

Address: Vişnezade, Şair Nedim Cd. 35A D:1, 34353 Beşiktaş/İstanbul

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7. Patisserie de Pera

Photo credit: Patisserie de Pera

It’s hard to ignore the swanky, upmarket vibe in this spot. This is the one location that’ll make you open an Instagram account even if you hate social media. The cakes are just as much of a masterpiece in decoration as the décor here. There’s a strong 1930s vibe, and this is a spot for tea parties. Further, if you’re a history buff, this café is located in a hotel that still preserves the first-ever elevator in Istanbul. It doesn’t work, but it’s still there!

Address: Pera Palace Hotel, Evliya Çelebi, Meşrutiyet Caddesi, Tepebaşı Cd. No:52, 34430 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

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8. Çiğdem Pastanesi

Photo credit: Çiğdem Pastanesi

Over 50 years and with three generations, this adorable and small pastry shop knows its way around the kitchen. It’s not just their traditional Turkish treats like Baklava, Noah’s Pudding, or the Chicken Breast (yep, that’s a real pudding), but also their international counterparts such as the Latin American Tres Leche. Moreover, they have a poster detailing the differences between various coffee drinks, thus proving that the owners are polymaths when it comes to satisfying your tastebuds. 

The décor is so adorable with its ornamented enclaves, toys sitting by tables, chandeliers, dim lighting, sweets such as jellybeans by the counter; this place does have that naïve, childlike touch. Children can choose between the various items on the English menu. They have pictures of their founder on this wall as this family business has pride in its roots. 

If you are too busy to sit down for lunch in busy Sultanahmet, why not grab a sandwich and a takeaway fresh orange juice from Çiğdem Pastanesi and keep visiting the top tourist attractions nearby?

Address: Alemdar, Divan Yolu Cd. No:62, 34110 Fatih/İstanbul

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9. Kukis

Photo credit: Kukis

This sleek, state-of-the-art bakery is firmly in the Anatolian side of Istanbul. It’ll take 10 minutes from the Kadıköy docks via taxi; however, the trek means that you meet cakes that are out of this world. They have a wide-ranging menu. At breakfast, you may choose to have eggs, menemen (Turkish omelet), gözleme, and so forth. In the afternoons, they offer noodles, wraps, and even chicken nachos. This is the place to come hungry and leave stuffed. 

The bakery does have a few cute green plants, which add a surreal vibe. However, what will steal your eyes is that Kukis is so shiny you may need to wear sunglasses. Considering everything is made on-site and is not frozen, their hygiene standards are impressive. 

Address: Acıbadem, Acıbadem Cd. No:154, 34660 Üsküdar/İstanbul

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10. Sour & Sweet

Sour & Sweet is one of the best bakeries in istanbul
Photo credit: Sour & Sweet

This artisanal bakery’s name makes much more sense when you pop inside. They have the classic, healthier sourdough for their bread and croissants. That’s not all: they do have gluten-free options. Every morsel in this location has that classic French vibe, including their fluffy cakes that look a little like a pillow. A colorful pillow. 

One of the few bakeries to use Flechard – high-quality French butter – in their croissants, you know you have quality here. Vegetarians and diabetics may enjoy reading a book with their sugar-free and cruelty-free options. Located near a cultural center that hosts plays, classical music, and exhibitions, this is the place to be for culture lovers. 

Do not forget to grab a jar of nut butter or an exotic marmalade on your way out. 

Address: Caddebostan, Caddebostan Plaj Yolu Sk. No:8 A, 34728 Kadıköy/İstanbul

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11. Kovan Fırın

Photo credit: Kovan Fırın

An orange honeycomb sign on the outside and inside is filled with dim lighting and a hum of conversation. The rows of loose-leaf teas, in every hue, presented in jars like sweets in an old sweet shop—an unbelievable selection from savory to sweet and from dry to moist. If you prefer dining along, grab a börek with a packet of Turkish tea or coffee to brew at home. 

Founded in 1996, this inviting spot is more than just passion; it is a respect for the circle of life. From working in crop fields as children, they see the grain as a blessing. Even the stray cats outside rub against the walls in a vain attempt to be permitted inside. 

Address: Cihangir, Sıraselviler Cd. No: 81, 34433 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

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12. Elde Börek 

Photo credit: Elde Börek

The name translates to ‘handmade börek.’ The fairy lights outside and the dim, warm lighting inside encapsulates a little slice of heaven. Alongside its mouth-watering desserts, this shop sells food for a reasonable price. This is a lovely, cozy little place where you can find homemade dishes and soups suitable for vegetarians and non-veggies alike. 

The menu of Elde Börek is primarily made up of homemade vegetable dishes, with only a couple of baked goods and delectable sourdough bread.

Address: Sinanpaşa, Ihlamurdere Cd. no 23/A, 34353 Beşiktaş/İstanbul

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Final words:

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best bakeries in Istanbul. Whether you want to celebrate a birthday and need a cake or just enjoy some pastries with your morning coffee, these are the places for you.

If Turkish baked goods sound like something that’s up your alley (and we know they do), then join one of our food tours, where you’ll get to taste all sorts of delicious goodies!

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