The 10 Best Turkish Coffee in Istanbul for Real Coffee Buffs

Are you looking for a great cup of Turkish coffee in Istanbul? If so, you have come to the right place; Istanbul is one of the best places to get coffee in the world. The Turkish coffee culture has been around for centuries, and it’s no surprise that the locals are addicted to Turkish coffee, and many places are serving Turkish coffee in this city.

Although there are numerous delicious foods and beverages to try in Istanbul before you leave, without a doubt, Turkish coffee and Turkish delight are some of the essential ones. If you are a coffee lover, you will be amazed by this strong and flavourful Turkish coffee, unlike any other.

In this blog post, I will be covering the following topics:

  • Turkish coffee tradition.
  • The finest Turkish coffee brands that you may take with you when you return home. You will want to prepare it yourself after sampling Turkish coffee in Istanbul.
  • List of 10 places that serve the best Turkish coffee in Istanbul.
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Turkish Coffee Tradition

Foamy Turkish coffee

In 1517 the Ottoman Turks conquered a small Yemeni town named Mocha and took their coffee beans back home. They were unaware that this was the beginning of an empire’s favorite drink!

Turkish coffee is cooked by boiling, not brewing, or mixing with hot water, unlike many other types of coffee. It is usually made with aromatic Arabica beans and Brazilian Rio Minas.

The three most integral beverages for Turks are rakı, ayran, and Turkish coffee. While they all have their specialties, it’s the process of making Turkish coffee that stands out as particularly important to our culture; in fact, there are even specific traditions regarding how you serve this beverage. Turkish coffee has a strong taste and is usually served in espresso-sized small cups.

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Two brass Turkish coffee posts being roasted traditionally in wood coals

The fun way of telling if a Turkish coffee is cooked properly in Turkey is saying that it should be foamy enough for even a buffalo not to sink.

Coffee consumption is customary after meals or when guests are over at the Turkish household.

A glass of water should be served with Turkish coffee. To cleanse your palate, take a sip of water before drinking the coffee. This lets you taste the wonderful flavor of Turkish coffee at its best.

In addition, Turkish coffee is usually accompanied by a Turkish delight. This sweet is usually eaten after your beverage. However, if the guest eats Turkish delight first, it is an indication that they are hungry. As a result, the thoughtful host can serve their guest a meal without inquiring whether they are hungry or not.

There is also a Turkish saying that may be roughly rendered as a single cup of coffee is remembered for 40 years.

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Turkish coffee fortune reading

People who are superstitious in Turkey enjoy drinking Turkish coffee, followed by getting their fortune told from the leftover coffee grounds. Turkish coffee readings fall in Tasseography, the divination methods of interpreting patterns in tea leaves and coffee grounds.

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Best Turkish Coffee Brands

Making Turkish coffee in a cezve

Although Turkish coffee is popularly consumed in Turkey, the number of brands on the market is limited due to their longevity. This loyalty has resulted from all these companies being established early and establishing strong brand identities within society at large.

The finest Turkish coffee is prepared from freshly ground coffee beans, which is the first choice. Freshly grounded beans aren’t always readily available, but the packed Turkish coffee may be found in supermarkets all around the city.

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Here are some of the most well-known brands you can find in supermarkets:

Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi

Sellers in red jackets standing inside famous coffee roaster shop surrounded by tins of turkish coffee
Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi shop at Spice Market, Istanbul

Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi is a historic Turkish company in the country. Since 1871, it has only sold grounded Turkish coffee. In recent years, the firm began to manufacture and market Turkish coffee equipment and accessories.

In Istanbul, you may discover Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi branches. Furthermore, its products can be found in all supermarkets. It is undoubtedly the most well-known Turkish coffee brand, and it is also available in many other countries.

Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi has a branch at Spice Market in Istanbul to buy daily grounded Turkish coffee. The spice market is also a great place to shop for cezve, which is necessary to cook Turkish coffee.

You’ll also need the appropriate Turkish coffee cups to serve and drink properly.

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Menengiç coffee

Kocatepe Türk Kahvesi

The second most famous Turkish coffee brand in the country is Kocatepe Türk Kahvesi. This renowned coffee brand has been producing Turkish coffee since 1949, and it can be found at many supermarkets across Turkey.

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Best 10 Places to Taste Turkish Coffee in Istanbul:

Remember this; finding the best Turkish coffee is more than about its taste. Where it’s served can also matter a lot, such as in historic buildings, on the Bosphorus, or in an old cafe under centuries-old trees.

1. Pierre Loti

Pierre Loti cafe serves one of the best Turkish coffee in Istanbul

The famous Pierre Loti Cafe in Istanbul is a must-visit for anyone looking to escape the city’s chaos. On top of being surrounded by fresh air and having incredible scenery, visitors can also have one of its best Turkish coffees at the namesake restaurant and café located on-site.

The refreshing breeze and scenic view at Pierre Loti Hill will make Turkish coffee even more enjoyable. To get up there, take advantage of their short cable car ride that takes just 3 minutes from Eyüp station. To avoid the crowd, come here on weekdays for shorter lines.

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2. Emirgan Tarihi Çınaraltı

Photo credit: Emirgan Tarihi Çınaraltı

Emirgan, a historic neighborhood in Istanbul that overlooks the Bosphorus Strait and is known for its beautiful cafes with stunning views. One of the most popular cafes is Emirgan Tarihi Çınaraltı, translated as “underneath a plane tree.”

Come here to enjoy perfectly cooked Turkish coffee while taking in gorgeous views over this stretch of water connecting Europe and Asia.

This café has been serving locals and tourists since 1948. It is a place where you can enjoy Turkish daily life, take your family for the day, or just come with friends during the weekdays to relax in an environment that isn’t too crowded.

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3. Çorlulu Ali Paşa Medresesi

When you visit Istanbul, make sure to check out the old and popular attraction in Beyazit: Çorlulu Ali Paşa Medresesi. It was a religious complex built as a place of learning for science and theology back in 1707. Today, it serves as an important tourist attraction, a café, and a shisha lounge.

A century-old coffee house is serving Turkish coffee and hookah to its guests in this historic building. If you’re looking for an authentic cultural experience, we recommend joining the locals by ordering a shisha along with your Turkish coffee or dibek coffee.

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4. Pera Palas Hotel

Photo credit: Pera Palas Hotel

If you would like to enjoy the spectacular view of the Istanbul Historical Peninsula and sip Turkish coffee in one of its luxurious historic hotels, we recommend Pera Palas Hotel. Their cafe inside is open to the public; you do not have to stay there for this experience.

Pera Palas Hotel has been serving since 1895, and it is one of the best places to visit for Turkish coffee in Istanbul. Patisserie de Pera cafe, located inside the hotel, is where coffee lovers can enjoy the best Turkish desserts along with a cup of coffee.

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5. Çengelköy Tarihi Çınaraltı

Photo credit: Çengelköy Tarihi Çınaraltı

Çengelköy, an idyllic oasis of calmness in Istanbul, is home to Tarihi Çınaraltı, a Turkish coffee house where you can meet and chat with locals.

At Çengelköy Tarihi Çınaraltı, the spectacular view of the European continent can easily take your breath while enjoying one of the best examples of Turkish coffee in Istanbul. It is advised to wear long-sleeved clothes during cool autumn and winter because the Bosphorus breeze is strong here.

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6. Latife Galata

Photo credit: Latife Galata

One of the coffee shops that offer the best Turkish coffee in Istanbul is Latife Galata. It’s located around the historical Galata Tower, which makes it relatively easy to find. Its official name is Latife Türk Kahvesi Galata.

This tiny and cute coffee shop also offers other Turkish beverages – like menengiç kahvesi, gum mastic coffee, tea, espresso, cardamom coffee, and iced coffees for hot summer days.

As you wander the beautiful streets of Galata full of artisan shops and trendy fashion boutiques, why not stop by here and enjoy a takeaway fresh coffee?

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7. Cumbalı Kahve

Photo credit: Cumbalı Kahve

Istanbul’s old, dilapidated yet beautiful houses and hidden churches and synagogues make Balat a destination for urban explorers. Cumbalı Kahve is one of the newest cafés in this popular neighborhood.

In a short time, Cumbali Kahve Balat has managed to earn a reputation as one of the best venues for Turkish coffee in Istanbul. The café has only been around since 2015, but the café has quickly become a favorite among locals.

As well as freshly grounded coffee, you can buy coffee and cacao seeds, equipment for making it yourself, even books about Istanbul, Balat, and Turkish coffee. Furthermore, you can get all of them online at their website here.

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8. Sade Kahve, Rumelihisarı

Photo credit: Sade Kahve

Sade Kahve serves delicious coffee and offers a great breakfast in an incredible setting. The business has been operating since 2002 and offers great scenery of Istanbul hills and the Bosphorus. We bet you have never seen such a beautiful view even on postcards.

Sade Kahve is a gem that’s well worth the long drive. While it might be best known for its breakfast, consider visiting during lunchtime to drink your delicious Turkish coffee or tea and revel in an atmosphere where you’d swear time has stood still since Ottoman times.

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9. Fazıl Bey’in Türk Kahvesi

Photo credit: Fazıl Bey’in Türk Kahvesi

This cozy café in Kadıköy is one of the most popular coffee shops among locals. You can visit Fazıl Bey for a quick cup while you’re on your way to explore chic Kadıköy, or even sit and drink it there if you have time.

Besides enjoying your Turkish coffee here, you can also buy packed grounded coffees. They offer a wide range of products, from caffeine-free to chocolate flavors.

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10. Şark Kahvesi, Grand Bazaar

If you’re looking for authentic Turkish coffee, it doesn’t get any better than Şark Kahvesi. It’s no wonder why this café is one of the most popular cafes in Grand Bazaar. Enjoy fresh baklava while sipping on your delicious Turkish coffee before exploring more shops around here.

After 60 years in the same place, Şark Kahvesi became an iconic shop in Grand Bazaar. It serves Turkish coffee and tea – perfect for those who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Grand Bazaar. It serves as an excellent example of how traditional cafes are supposed to be done.

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Final words

Istanbul is a magical city with so much to offer travelers. Turkish coffee may be the most iconic beverage in Turkey’s largest metropolis, and we have listed our favorite places for coffee lovers to try one of these caffeine-filled beverages while exploring this incredible city. These are some of the best traditional cafes in Istanbul that serve up excellent cups of Turkish coffee on top of delicious food options like baklava or breakfast.

If you’re visiting soon, make sure to stop by at least one place from our list of best Turkish coffee in Istanbul. And don’t forget about joining us for an upcoming food tour – tasting Turkish coffees while learning more about the history behind the Turkish culture and drinks will give your trip memories a sweet taste while making new friends along the way.

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