The Most Instagrammable Cafés In Istanbul: 10 Unique & Concept Places

F'roses Floral Cafe is one of the most Instagrammable Cafés in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most Instagrammable cities in the world! Walking through Istanbul’s streets, you will find so many unique cafés with different concepts.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Instagrammable cafés in Istanbul that are perfect for visiting if you’re looking to explore some new places while taking on-point photos on your social media accounts! 

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1. F’roses Floral Cafe

If you’re an avid princess-lover, you’ll cry when you see this place. You’ll be greeted by Victorian-esque furniture, roses everywhere, and just the color pink from the porcelain to the napkins to the food. The smell and the bluesy covers just add to the vibe.

You can take a selfie with a wall of roses surrounding you, or you can lose yourself to the chocolatey goodness of the Ruby Chocolate Dome or if you’re hungry, the Healthy But Sexy Sandwich has pink bread (beet focaccia) with cheese and grilled veggies. Even the drinks are fabulous: from bubble teas to smoothies to rooibos to the pink beetroot or rose lattes. You can even have non-dairy milk if you’re lactose intolerant.

F’roses Floral Cafe is one of the most Instagrammable Cafés In Istanbul. Grab your best friends and put on your favorite clothes. It’s time to act posh!

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2. Walter’s Coffee Roastery

Walter, from Breaking Bad, now has his own café. From the periodic table menu with coffee-related elements (and the password to the Wifi), this industrial spot has a vegan muffin to die for. Or, if you’re not vegan, why not overdose on an “Injector,” which is like a caramel/Nutella doughnut sandwich with a syringe still attached.

If you don’t want to throw on a hazmat suit and take a picture with one of the many chemistry-shaped pyrex or conical glasses and post it on Instagram, you can plug in your laptop and ignore the fun. Especially as the indie music isn’t at all distracting or loud. With a variety of coffee beans – all purchasable – and some tees for sale, this spot must be visited to be seen.

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3. Fil Books

With its marble countertops, rows of bookshelves, and even chairs that have no legs (they’re suspended with a rope that goes to the ceiling), if you walk in here thinking it’s an artistic workshop, you’d be right. Set up to be a bookshop, a workshop, and a café, this little spot now is a publishing house that hosts book launches, artist talks, workshops, and even matches newbies to experienced mentors. If you ever wanted to create a photo book, you’re in the right place. 

Their creativity extends to the food too. Chocoholics will love the brownie drowning in a chocolate ganache if they don’t appreciate the Oreo pancake. We’re not sure what milk oolong tea is, but the Energy Boost has wonderful green apples and orange peels just swimming around. The hot lemonade is also a genius idea with its pineapple puree sweetening up the spicy ginger, the sour lemon, the fragrant star anise, and stick cinnamon to stir it all up.

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4. Minoa Cafe Bookstore

Bibliophiles will find themselves at home in this café within a Harry Potter-esque bookshop. Try the croissant with a soya macchiato or iced chocolate if you want to hype yourself up before browsing the books. Or perhaps you might want to chill with a gluten-free cookie paired with an alcohol-free mojito or a freshly squeezed carrot or pomegranate juice.

However, if your stomach is rumbling, you have choices from burgers, pasta, risotto, sandwiches, and salads. Still, nothing beats getting there early for the Minoa Fit breakfast with its ultimate combination of sweet, tangy, bitter, and savory sourdough bread, eggs, smooth avocado puree, aged earthy cheese, and fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, mini granola, and filter coffee. If you’re not an early bird, you can wind down with the Duvel Belgian Golden Ale and your favorite book. 

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5. POW! The Hero in You

Holy Café, Batman! Inside a museum of hero-related memorabilia, there’s a café that sells the tastiest minion cupcakes. The shakerato is awesome with the cookie but if you ever wanted to demolish Spiderman, you may want to pair it with an Americano to help balance out the sweet with the bitter.

You can sit by the window and watch the mere mortals pass by before picking up a graphic novel on your way out. And if you have friends that need a little cheering up, you can gift them a Freddie Mercury statue, a sculpture of Hakuna-Matata singing Lion King, a snow globe of Tom or Jerry, a figure of Rick & Morty, or a replica prop from Harry Potter. 

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6. Suflör Cafe 

An explosion of sensuous chocolate or a volcano of cheese – with only soufflés on the menu, what else can you expect but a blissful pleasure that’ll leave you giddy? The handmade lemonades come in a vase fit for a bouquet of flowers. The bitter Night King coffee pairs excellently with the ruby chocolate and black forest, but if you really want something magical, try the sweet-sour Apple Worm with the white chocolate and tahini souffle. 

The monochromatic décor with the sketches on the wall will make you feel like in another world: Imagine being pulled into a comic book like A-Ha’s ‘Take On Me’ music video.

Whether it be the beautiful concept or one of its delicious foods, Suflör Cafe has something to offer that is sure to please anyone’s Instagram feed.

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7. Cafe Naftalin

Those who don’t like cats may want to skip this youthful yet retro pub. They’ll come and sleep on your table alongside your veggie meatballs and sweet homemade strawberry lemonade. Everything about this place is super cute, from the hand-written menu that’s in an envelope with a Kafka quote to the toilet hidden behind a fridge door.

If you want a delight for your tastebuds, the rose tea paired with the cute cat cookies is out of this world. Oh, and the cookies come in different colors, so it looks exactly like the patterns of a kitty. It’s such an adorable place that it’ll unleash your inner child! It’s perfect for the homesick wanderer. 

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8. Şairler Kahvesi 

You’ll leave wondering why in the world has no one else thought of combining sour cherry and cinnamon in a handmade lemonade? The cucumber and thyme lemonade also has a fresh, zingy feel that’ll wake you up. Each drink, especially the coffees, comes with flowers, a tiny yet creamy Hobby chocolate bar, and a scroll. Inside the scroll is a quote from a Turkish poet. You must bring along your favorite translation device because this library-themed café has some awe-inspiring quotes. You may even leave with a newfound appreciation for the poets of Turkey. 

Their food is no joke either. The Turkish breakfast includes French fries, a colorful salad, and enough side dishes that could feed an army. The brownie, however, is one to watch out for: surrounded by slices of strawberry and orange, with a touch of mint leaves, drenched in chocolate ganache and a touch of white sugar – now if that doesn’t remind you of Christmas, we’re not sure what will. 

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9. La Vie Praline

Just like in Chocolat, there’s a huge variety in flavors and styles, from lollipops to frog and turtled shape pieces. The best gift for a chocoholic is in this chocolaterie. Their café, however, does have actual food options like the smoked turkey breakfast. All that, however, is probably to distract you from the unbelievable range of hot chocolates: from coffee to lemon, to strawberry to black pepper. If that didn’t make you feel like Augustus Gloop, why not try the Turkish coffee with strawberry. You’ll never be able to drink it anywhere else. 

Really, this place is “la vie en rose” with a number of dessert options: dipping pineapple pieces with brownies into the chocolate fondue. The milk with the Chocolat special – a plate of handmade chocolates – was deeply satisfying, but whenever one feels like a bitter coffee, they may wish to pair it with the Lady Praline: a monster with strawberries, bananas, French biscuit, almond praline, and real Belgium chocolate. We’re still drooling over it. 

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10. Sold Abbasağa

Sold – the perfect name for a café where everything you see is on sale except perhaps the coffee machines. Aside from serving flat whites that aren’t just over-hyped cappuccinos, you have an option to try a chocolate-orange brew or a handmade jasmine lemonade. Anything to help you appreciate the cacti, designer furniture, vegan smoothie bowls, the one-of-a-kind clutch purse, or the stylish ceramic mugs that are all for sale. 

They don’t just give opportunities for designers and artists; they create opportunities by, for example, working with primary school kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. After encouraging them to paint, they display their artwork for sale. And if you’re really not an art expert, you can grab your laptop and get to work with the lovely music in the background.

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Final words:

Istanbul is a foodie’s dream. And while you can find many of the same types of restaurants and eateries in neighborhoods all over the city, there are also some cafes that offer something different from anything else you will find around town. This blog post highlighted 10 unique cafés with an Instagram-worthy concept or décor to check out when visiting Turkey’s largest metropolis. Which one would be your favorite? 

And don’t miss our food tours – we can show you where all the best spots are in this bustling city. Join us today!

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