The 10 Absolute Best Sushi Restaurants in Istanbul for 2023

Though Turkish cuisine is made from a million different styles of delicious food, there may be times you just have a craving for something a little different. If you’re looking for authentic Asian food, you might want to try one of the many sushi restaurants in Istanbul.

Our list includes eateries that combine good food with good service and use fresh ingredients.

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List of the best sushi restaurants in Istanbul:

1. Ioki

Ioki is one of the best sushi restaurants in Istanbul
Image credit: Ioki

Suppose you’re not sure which of the many sushi eateries serve the best sushi. In that case, we should tell you that Ioki has many different and creative sushi types. Although Ioki has a relaxing and clean environment, they do private catering for special occasions like birthday celebrations for a little extra privacy. Moreover, they have a scrumptious spicy Tiger Roll with fried sweet potatoes, shrimp, crab stick, creamy avocado, and cream cheese. Their Sashimi Salad with orange oil sauce is unmissable. 

There are two chef’s selections – a sashimi combo and a Nigiri mix – that’ll hit the spot. They have other Japanese dishes, such as the tasty Yaki Ebi (shrimp in sweet and sour sauce) or their aromatic lemongrass soup. If you really can’t choose, let the chef decide for you. 

If you want a Japanese Beer to help wash down the food, they have some here. Although the spicy Kintaro cocktail will blow you away.

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2. Inari Omakase

Image credit: Inari Omakase

The chef and sushi artist, Barlas Günebak, was aiming for that fried popcorns feel. He achieved that with his crunchy Haru Maki, black tiger shrimp tempura, and corn kakiage (sweetcorn tempura). Though this sushi restaurant is a bit pricy, the tasty food served in a minimalistic decor makes this a good one for business lunches. 

The delicious sushi menu has options that contain ingredients that aren’t available everywhere. This is the place to try choices like the Style Foie Gras Nigiri, topped with a flavorful caramel sauce. If you really can’t stand foie gras, there’s a seabass version with a spicy caramel sauce (Style Suzuki Nigiri). Alternatively, you can just settle for the Jou Sashimi Mori, which has 15 pieces of fish. 

One of the few luxury Asian food restaurants with an unbelievable desserts menu. The walnut & maple mochi, or the Nutella one for chocoholics, is enough to rave about. However, what really takes the cake is the Coco Houko, which is a coconutty, chocolate ice cream. If both of those don’t appeal to you, they have far more options than you could hope for. 

Add in an expansive wine list, excellent cocktails, mocktails (can’t go wrong with the virgin Yuzuhana), and various alcohol-based drinks. What more can you ask for in a sushi restaurant?

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3. Miyabi Sushi

Image credit: Miyabi Sushi

Of all of the restaurants serving Japanese cuisine in Istanbul, Miyabi serves the prettiest dishes. The delicious food is served in a creative, colorful manner.

There is a satisfying number of different sushi types, and what they do have on offer is exquisite. It’s almost hard to choose. The Moon Lover with shrimp, salmon, tempura, caviar, and creamy avocado is a culinary delight. The Nina is nothing short of astounding with its paneled shrimp, fresh chili tuna, teriyaki and chili sauce, and sesame. The way the shrimp tails stick out is impressive. The food looks like it belongs in an art museum. Still, the names will have you smiling: Samurai, Lobster Dynamite, Yummy Tummy, Monte Carlo, Yakuza, and so forth. 

If you’re trying to be healthy, the rainbow salad has a vast selection of seafood with crunchy salad. If you want to let loose, this may be the spot to taste corn tempura, like it’s never been done before!

The decor is simplistic in a good way. You can watch the Japanese chefs hard at work.

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4. Maromi by Divan

Image credit: Maromi by Divan

Reservations are necessary for the spot with the bold sushi options. You may wish to start your culinary adventure with a spicy miso or tempura udon soup. Once you’ve got your stomach rumbling, you can follow it up with one of the classics. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can give the Dragon roll a shot with eel and avocado. Otherwise, you may wish to stick to the Boston roll with reliable salmon and cream cheese. 

Your best shot is to go for a combo. That way, you can try the tried and tested options like the Californian, Rainbow, and Boston roll with just a little bit of that exciting Dragon roll. You may discover a new favorite. 

If you want to order from the Japanese or Kaiseki menu, let them know in advance as you make your reservations.

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5. Sunset Grill & Bar

Image credit: Sunset Grill & Bar

Considered ‘new Japanese cuisine,’ there are two chefs in this mixed restaurant. The Japanese chef is Hiroki Takemura, and the Turkish chef in charge of the international cuisine is Hüseyin Arslan. There are plenty of Mediterranean food served, but the Bosphorus dreaming is enough for two if you’re leaning more towards Japanese food. It comprises 7 Norway Rolls, 7 Rainbow rolls, 6 Spicy Tuna, and 6 Shake Ikura Maki. If 32 pieces of sushi aren’t enough, add to your collection with the Sunset Dreamin’ box with 46 pieces. The lobster tempura is also unbelievably good. 

If Japanese isn’t your own thing, they have other Asian food. You can, for example, create your own duck wrap with the warm pancakes in the Peking Style Duck. They really make the duck dish their own by adding in a lime twist. 

Established in 1994, they’re still going strong today. Perhaps it’s the amazing food with the spectacular views of the Bosphorus and the park this restaurant is located in. You can reserve a table here.

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6. Nobu Istanbul

Image credit: Nobu Istanbul

Nobu is one of the few sushi spots that accommodate vegetarians. They also serve one of the best Omakase in Istanbul. The roasted crab legs with yuzu butter are unbelievable if you want to stray away from the different sushi types.

If you don’t stray away from sushi, the Beef Nigiri should be tried once. Alternatively, the Cup Selection will fill you right up. You can chase that down with good Japanese beer, Turkish rakı, or any one of the lovely cocktails that are arranged according to the taste.

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7. Naomi Sushi Bar

Image credit: Naomi Sushi Bar

Three cheers for whoever came up with this concept: hip, hip, hooray! The Philadelphia roll with cucumbers, avocado, cream cheese, and salmon is a logical choice for newbies; however, there are many mouthwatering choices. From the Crunch Roll, the Crispy roll, the Double Tuna. But the star of the show is a tie between Chin Chin and Star Roll. Chin Chin has shrimp covered in sweet potato, cream cheese, crab, avocado with a zingy ginger sauce. Star Roll, however, somehow manages to combine salmon with mango, avocado, and tempura pieces to create this sweet yet crunchy, ideal dish. 

We won’t blame you if you follow up with Gyunuki Udon (noodles with veggies and meat). The fried ice cream is spectacular.

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8. Vogue Restaurant & Bar

Image credit: Vogue Restaurant & Bar

The spot in Istanbul with a Molecular Cocktail Menu also has 70 varieties of different sushi types. With a live DJ at night, pleasant service, you can eat amazing sushi while watching the sunset on the Bosphorus. 

If you’re a vegetarian, there are options like the Avocado Maki. If you’re a connoisseur, you can choose how oily you want your tuna. The fatter the tuna, the more premium the sushi. The mixed sushi plates (Jho Nigiri Moriawase), assorted sashimi, or the special sushi plates will fill you up better than a Turkish kebab could try to.

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9. Aqua Restaurant – Four Seasons Hotel Bosphorus

Image credit: Aqua Restaurant – Four Seasons Hotel Bosphorus

Four Seasons Bosphorus is known for its terraced bar. Their sushi is served from 19:00-23:00 except Thursdays and Friday. The options are classic – there are no crazy options which is great because you know what you’re getting! The veggie maki roll (avocado, cucumber, carrot, and daikon) is a colorful scrumptious set. The hot Grilled Salmon roll (grilled salmon, tobiko, avocado, cucumber) or the cold Spicy Salmon are excellent choices.

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10. Itsumi

Image credit: Itsumi

Itsumi doesn’t attempt to show off with its decor. The food – which includes vegetarian options – is enough to keep inviting people back. Truly authentic, you’ll find the Japanese tourists and diaspora here. Though it’s overstated, you really need to try the miso soup. If you’re feeling bold, the Japanese omelet with eel is much better than it sounds. 

There’s a lot of dishes with spinach, like the spinach with sesame dressing, and seaweed like the salad (Wakame Sarada). Both will rev up your thyroid like nothing else. The Sashimi Moriawse has a bit of everything, including octopus. If you really can’t eat that, the grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce (Shake Tare) may be your thing. 

The absolute highlight is that you can order sushi pieces one by one to get a feel for each dish before you commit.

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Final words

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best sushi restaurants in Istanbul. If you want to try some more Turkish cuisine, don’t forget to check out our food tours! You’ll learn about what it’s like to be a local and get lots of tasty treats along the way.

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