About Us

Turkish street food tantuni wrap being held by woman’s hands next to plate of green peppers and rocket leaves

Our passion for food.

We are culinary enthusiasts, cultural experts, and professional tour guides who are extremely proud to share our Istanbul and Turkey knowledge with you. We are a small family business – two founders who hand-picked every experience of our tours to create your unforgettable Istanbul memory.

10 years of food tours.

Yummy Istanbul has been offering food tours in Istanbul since 2013. We are a member of TURSAB. GEZGEL Travel A-11565
Food tour customer receiving a plate Turkish kokorec in a crunchy roll at a restaurant in Kadikoy, Istanbul

It’s really that simple: food excites us! We love to discover it, eat it, and share it with you.

Woman spooning Turkish visne kofte, meatballs with sour cherries from a metal bowl at Ciya restaurant in Kadikoy

Hand-crafted food tours.

If you’re looking for ordinary, you’ve come to the wrong place. Each of our Istanbul Food Tours has been specially hand-crafted for your taste of the best native dishes from fascinating specialty food shops and exceptional local restaurants.