About Us

Yummy Istanbul tour guide is offering male tourists traditional Turkish cheese to taste near Istanbul Spice Market

Hand-crafted Food Tours

We are culinary enthusiasts, cultural experts; a team of professional tour guides who are incredibly proud to shar our Istanbul and Türkiye knowledge with you. Grown from a small family business, we are still led by two founders who have hand-picked every delicious experience of our tours to create your unforgettable Istanbul memory.

If you’re looking for ordinary – you’ve come to the wrong place. Each of our Istanbul food tours has been specially and lovingly hand-crafted to delight you with the best native dishes from fascinating specialty food shops and exceptional local restaurants.

Born from a Passion for Flavours

Founded in 2013, Yummy Istanbul was born from an excitement for uncovering and sharing the exotic flavours of Turkish cuisine. One founder Turkish, one founder a foreigner – as they shared may foods of the Turkish table together they realised that there was something really special that needed to be shared.

With every delicious new dish that our founders shared, our Turkish founder understood that the ‘normal’ food he grew up eating was, in fact, extraordinary. And so, together, came a passion for sharing this flavours with others.

Tour guide explaining the preparation of Turkish friend liver (ciger) to a group of tourists as they take photos with iPhone

It’s really that simple: food excites us! We love to discover it, eat it, and share it with you.

Tour members taking photos with iPhones of Yummy Istanbul tour guide offering a plate of Turkish stuffed mussels with lemon

Istanbul's #1 Loved Food Tours

When we started back in 2013 there were not many others operating food tours in our magnificent city. As explorers and food lovers, the routes developed by Yummy Istanbul quickly became the city’s most unmissable experience.

Although we’ve now grown to a team of 10+, our founders are still hands-on as we continue to offer authentic, grass-roots-style Istanbul walking tours. Our guides come from all over Türkiye and bring their unique food and cultural experience to enrich our team. 

Authentic, Local Experiences

Our mission is to give our guests the best and most authentic Istanbul foodie experience. As part of our commitment to supporting local establishments, we have cultivated strong relationships with our vendors and partners.

Our aim is not to show the most delicious Turkish food, or the weirest – it’s to share the most authentic foods, the foods that we grew up eating, the staples of kitchens across Istanbul and Türkiye. 

Above all, we care about our customers and your experience: we make sure you have the tastiest, most enjoyable Istanbul foodie adventure!

Tour guide explaining traditional Turkish breakfast dishes to two female guests on Yummy Istanbul food tour
Yummy Istanbul has been offering food tours in Istanbul since 2013. We are a member of TURSAB.