The 6 Best Chinese Restaurants in Istanbul (2023 Updated)

If you’re a huge fan of Chinese food and looking for a Chinese restaurant in Istanbul, you will need a little research to locate the Chinese restaurants that are limited in numbers. While there are some fantastic restaurants offering the best of Chinese cuisine in Istanbul, do not expect to stumble upon a Chinese restaurant or a supermarket on every corner.

From mouth-watering dumplings to delicious stir-fries, these restaurants will leave you feeling full and satisfied. All the restaurants on our list offer authentic Chinese food, but you should note that these restaurants do not have spicy hot pot cuisines sections. If that’s what you’re craving, you may want to go to one of the many hot pot concept restaurants in Istanbul. 

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1. Shang Palace, Beşiktaş

Suppose you’re looking for an authentic Cantonese Chinese cuisine experience in Istanbul. In that case, Shang Palace located at Shangri-La Hotel should be at the top of your bucket list.

This is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Istanbul to eat Chinese food not just because of the stunningly elegant decor but the delicious dishes on offer. You may want to start your night out with the heavenly wonton soup and continue with their Roasted Peking duck which is served as two courses. Complement your meal and enjoy it with a selection of international and Turkish wines

Some of their other delicious Chinese dishes include the deep-fried eggplant with crispy garlic and the lo-Hei Salmon. You’ll never find eggplant quite as palatable as the ones here. Moreover, you might still be telling your friends about the Lo-Hei Salmon for centuries to come. It combines salmon sashimi with shredded fruits, vegetables, and a peanut-tahini dressing. Follow all of that up with fried ice cream, and you have fine dining at its best. 

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2. Dragon Restaurant, Hilton Istanbul

Dragon Restaurant is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Istanbul

If you’re looking for a must-visit Chinese restaurant for delicious Chinese food, look no further. The Dragon restaurant first opened its doors in 1980 in Cyprus. However, this Dragon Restaurant in Istanbul has been operating since 1987. The chefs are from Hongkong, so you know you’re getting an authentic Cantonese Chinese Cuisine experience. The fabulous decor comes from Taipei. 

There is a range of savory dishes. You have the class crispy duck, but the beef with orange took away our senses. There are lobster dishes and an unbelievable chicken with lemon sauce. Don’t forget to try the pineapple fried rice. You may want to enjoy these delicious dishes on their small covered terrace. 

Bookings are essential. Reserve your table here.

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3. China Lotus, Ataşehir

For 6 years, China Lotus has welcomed guests to their restaurant, which is like a sushi restaurant with a great selection of authentic Chinese cuisine. If you want to eat noodles, there are plenty of options. However, you may find the crispy chicken with the hot ginger sauce has a real kick.

Their Chinese food menu consists of soups, appetizers, salads, and noodles. Their dishes are incredibly authentic, especially noodles.

Despite the peach rolls and mango sushi, the vibe is friendly. There’s even a homely atmosphere. They have healthier options during the morning. If you choose one of the salads, don’t miss out on the Chinese salad with its finely sliced raw ingredients.

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4. Çin Büfe, Taksim

If you’re looking for Chinese food late at night around Beyoğlu – whether to enjoy with friends or as a date – this casual dining restaurant in Istanbul is the place to create memories over excellent Asian food. Though they have a takeaway service here, it would be a shame to miss out on the lovely vibe of this Chinese restaurant. Their name translates as “Chinese buffet,” so you may want to visit if you’re craving a good Chinese meal. 

This is one of the few Asian restaurants in Istanbul with ayran on the drinks menu. Their Peking Duck/crispy duck (kızarmış ördek) is a little on the expensive, but there are set menus as well. The Chinese noodles are a must-eat. Especially the peanut, chicken noodle with curry sauce (kori soslu fıstıklı tavuk erişte). 

The one drawback is that they don’t have an English menu. If you want good food in a place that feels like Little China (unfortunately Little China restaurant is closed now), this is the spot to visit. 

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5. Noodle House, Beşiktaş

Though they have Japanese food here, this may be your spot if you love Chinese noodles. This noodle house makes each dish highly customizable. You first start by picking one of the aromatic noodles. Then you add in any extras you want. 

Finally, you can pick between a selection of sauces from sriracha to teriyaki sauce. You’re guaranteed great food as each savory fusion is made according to your taste. 

Some of the most delicious dishes are the vegetarian options! They also serve fried ramen, rice sticks, and spring rolls. The summer rolls have such a bright taste that you’ll feel as though it’s summer!

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6. Chinese & Sushi Express

Chinese & Sushi Express is an Asian restaurant chain that’s easily found in any food court in any shopping center. This is somewhere between a Chinese restaurant and a sushi restaurant. This place has a complete Japanese cuisine experience without sacrificing any Chinese taste. 

One example would be the Shanghai Bento with dumplings, edamame, rice with vegetables, crispy chicken in ginger sauce, and a soft drink. If you’re looking for something healthier, why not try the Hawaiian poke bowl? 

You’ll find branches on both the European and Asian sides of Istanbul. Suppose you’re not a fan of eating in a shopping center or any random outdoor seating area. Why not use their takeaway service. You won’t regret it as all their dishes are tasty, especially sushi. 

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Final words

That’s it for our list of the best Chinese restaurants in Istanbul. We hope you enjoyed reading it and that it gave you some ideas for where to eat next time you’re in town. If you want to explore some other great options, be sure to check out our blog here. We’ve got tons of information on the best places to eat in Istanbul – from Turkish kebabs to sushi bars, we’ve got you covered!

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