The 10 Soul-Warming Soups in Istanbul | Best Soup Restaurants in Istanbul

The soup is a popular dish in many cultures, and Turkey is no exception. Turkish cuisine has so much to offer, but for this blog post, I’m going to focus on some of the best soups in Istanbul that you should try while visiting. The 10 restaurants mentioned below are my personal favorites, and they all serve different types of Turkish soups that will satisfy any palette! Some have classics like “lentil soup” or “kelle paça”; others have exotic flavors like brain soup.

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List of best soups in Istanbul:

1. Tarihi Haliç İşkembecisi

Tarihi Haliç İşkembecisi inside the restaurant. They serve one of the best soups in Istanbul.
Photo: Tarihi Haliç İşkembecisi

This restaurant has been in service since 1938. Not only does it have an attractive decoration, but the view of the Golden Horn is not to be missed either.

The restaurant has an old-timey vibe with antiques such as deer antlers, radios, and carpets lining the walls.

They have an extensive soup menu, and their soups are some of the best in Istanbul, so there is no need to talk about them in detail.

Location of Tarihi Haliç İşkembecisi:

2. Hünkar

Photo: Hünkar

Four generations of family members work together to run this restaurant, which has been in operation since 1950. The diverse menu includes delicacies from the Ottoman palace cuisine that date back centuries ago – including three different soups made every day.

But their specialty is trotter soup: a rich and hearty broth dish with succulent chunks of lamb trotters.

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Location of Hünkar:

3. Shorba

Photo: Shorba

Shorba is a small, cozy restaurant that primarily serves soups. They have some of the most difficult Turkish soups you can’t find in other restaurants, such as oxtail soup, or international soups such as Thai soup made with coconut milk.

The seasons change, and so do the soups in Shorba. The soup portions are enormous here. You can get your fill with just one bowl of soup.

Location of Shorba:

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4. Karaköy Çorba Evi

The Karaköy Çorba Evi is a refuge for hungry souls in search of something to warm their bellies. The soup menu features an extensive list, with hearty and flavorful soups made from fresh ingredients, including tomato soup, yogurt soup, mushroom soup, and some traditional Anatolian soups like “Analı Kızlı.”

Their most popular soups like lentil soup and chicken soup are gone before evening. If you want to explore all the soup flavors, go during lunchtime.

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Location of Karaköy Çorba Evi:

5. Lale İşkembecisi

Photo: Lale İşkembecisi

Ever since Lale İşkembecisi opened in 1960, it has been a place for soup lovers. The aroma of history and taste is ever-present as you walk through its doors to find a soup that will surely satisfy every palate.

Their specialty tripe soup is a hearty dish that will satisfy even the most ravenous of appetites. It’s made from fresh, thoroughly cleaned tripe and served with garlic sauce for an added kick as well as vinegar to maintain its flavor profile.

Location of Lale İşkembecisi:

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6. Kanaat Lokantası

Photo: Kanaat Lokantası

The 73-year-old Kanaat Restaurant opens its door at 06:00 every morning to serve soup, popular breakfast food for locals who come by for the very first meal of their day.

Their paça çorbası (trotters soup) is so good and popular among locals that it sells out before noon every day. 

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Location of Kanaat Lokantası:

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7. Paçacı Mahmut Usta

The name of this restaurant translates as “trotter soup master Mahmut”, and it should give you the idea of their most popular soup. 

Balıkesir lambs (considered some of the best in Turkey) are prepared by seasoning with buffalo yogurt. This process takes many hours and requires an experienced butcher to achieve the perfect balance of flavors in each bite.

Their “ezo gelin” and “mercimek çorbası” (lentil soup) are also delicious. 

Location of Paçacı Mahmut Usta:

8. Sarıhan İşkembe Karaköy

Serving as a 24-hour haven for those looking to fill their stomachs with warm soup, Sarıhan İşkembe is the perfect location to seek out after midnight.

There are various soups available for any taste in Sarıhan, one of the most popular soup restaurants on the European side of Istanbul. 

“Boncuk tuzlama” is their specialty, but you can also find traditional Turkish soups like “beyran,” tomato or, village chicken soup. 

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Location of Sarıhan İşkembe Karaköy:

9. Şayan

Squeezing lemon into Turkish lentil soup

Şayan is the go-to soup stop for celebrities looking to let off steam after an intense night out. 

For those looking for a more well-rounded meal, Şayan offers dishes such as grilled meat and kokoreç along with a great variety of soups. They serve some vegan food too.

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Location of Şayan:

10. Ayık

Turkish tomato soup in a bowl served with shredded yellow cheese
Turkish tomato soup

This is the one restaurant the Kadıköy market can’t live without. There are more than 10 different types of soup on the menu, and most importantly, they cater to all palates with many options for people who do not like offal soups like tripe soup.

The restaurant is located in the center of Kadıköy and makes it easy for people to find. 

Location of Ayık:

Final words

With so many options in Istanbul, it can be tough to find the best soup restaurant. Luckily, we’ve done all the work for you and narrowed down our favorites to just a few spots that are worth your time. Make sure not to leave this city without visiting at least one genuinely soup-focused restaurant on this list.

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