The 7 Best Mussels in Istanbul | Ultimate Guide to Mussels in Istanbul

The bright, fresh flavors of mussels have been an iconic part of Turkish and Armenian cuisine for hundreds of years. The prized bivalves are often found on street carts and at restaurants all over town, from seafood markets to waterfront cafes. One of the most indulgent street foods in Istanbul, this flavor is perfect for … Read more

Vegetables and Olive Oil in Turkish Cuisine

The known history of olives, the world’s healthiest natural vegetable oil source, goes back 8 thousand years. The oldest available data on the olive tree are olive leaf fossils dating back 39,000 years. Olive oil, an essential product of the olive tree, was called “liquid gold” by humankind, while it was used only as fuel … Read more

List of Turkish Soups and their Recipes

Tarhana soup in a bowl served with hot red pepper

9 Delicious Turkish Soups You MUST Taste During Your Turkey Holiday [with recipes] Soups have held an important place in traditional Turkish cuisine for centuries, and certainly far more so than other world cuisines. In this post, we outline the nine Turkish soups you must taste during your visit to Istanbul. After we explain the … Read more