Istanbul Walking Tours

Strap on your most comfortable shoes and let us take you on our Istanbul Walking Tours through vibrant neighbourhood backstreets and local food shops. Take a food tasting journey through local streets to taste the best specialty foods from local restaurants. You’ll walk off-the-beaten-path for an authentic glimpse into local Istanbul: the history, culture and architecture of the city we love.

Whether you have a whole day or just a few hours in an afternoon to spare, you can complete your Istanbul stay with a walking tour to suit you. Your first-hand experience in Istanbul’s historic backstreets will give you a taste for the traditions intertwined with food, which are still evident in modern Istanbul.

You’ll walk, you’ll talk, you’ll eat as you let your senses be overwhelmed by all the beauty of our city. This is an Istanbul Walking Tour with so much more.

Book your Istanbul Walking Tour today, and step your way into Istanbul memories you’ll treasure forever: 

Full Day Food Tours

A jam-packed day featuring a market breakfast in Europe, Bosphorus ferry and the vibrant streets of Kadıköy on the city’s Asian-side.
An enchanting foodie discovery through the narrow alleyways of the Old City, filled with dishes that have been perfected over generations.

Evening Food Tours

Experience the lively heart of the city – all the favourite local eats during the locals’ favourite time.
A tasting journey of Kadıköy’s best street foods in the culinary heart of Istanbul’s Asian side.

Private Food Tours

Your company, family or group’s private guided foodie experience.
Amazing tour
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Many hidden places with amazing food. Time went by so fast and we had a great time! Highly recommend this tour.
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It was our first day in Istanbul and we got a very good impression on Istanbul as well as the food. Just remember to bring an empty stomach - you're gonna get a whole lot of food.
Brilliant foodie day
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There are no words to describe how happy we were with the tour - amazing food, great atmosphere & so much useful information. Highly recommended!
Excellent food tour
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Delicious food, great company and a superb orientation to Istanbul. Well worth every penny!
One of the best food tours we have ever done
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There was everything for everyone, savoury dishes, snacks, sweets and desserts. We learned a lot and we recommend it, you will love it if you like to eat a lot.
Really great experience!
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Knowledgeable, enthusiastic guide & so much food! I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to get to know Turkish culture, food & Istanbul.

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Tour guide explaining the preparation of Turkish friend liver (ciger) to a group of tourists as they take photos with iPhone

Why book your Istanbul walking tour with us?

Explore Istanbul’s #1 Food Walk. Our Istanbul walking tours take you on a close-up journey to understand and genuinely appreciate Istanbul’s colourful past mixed with its vibrant present. Our walking tours flow at a gentle pace, with plenty of opportunities for you to breathe in your surroundings. You will understand the vivid history, diversity of cultures, and the modern touches as your guide leads you to different stops along the walk.

Tour Guide explaining historic stories of Istanbul to foodie guests including young child inside Istanbul Spice Market

Small group tours

Your small group size makes your personal and intimate experience, meaning you don’t have to worry about looking like a tourist. We take you on the best Istanbul walking tours because we want you to stroll through the city as our friend.